Historical Background of ODESUDI : Profile

-  Use access to information as a tool to analyze challenges on climate change and its impact on agriculture for specific actions.
Organization structure,
The Organization’s Structure is made up of the General Assembly which is the supreme organ of the organization and under which there is the Board of Directors, conflict resolution committee and Audit committee. Bellow the board of directors we have the Executive Secretariat and bellow the Executive secretariat there is programs, Finance department and office support.
The organizations main partners are the Office of the Ombudsman, central and local government, Open Society Foundations, Africa Freedom of Information Center, South African Center for Human Rights in Pretoria, Mysociety in UK, Local and International Non-Governmental Organizations.
Even though young in establishment, ODESUDI has been part of the advocacy campaign on access to information law and its accompanying guidelines. It has carried out access to information trainings for local Civil Society Organizations. It has held exchange meetings with local CSOs, Open Society Initiative and the center for human rights.

ODESUDI has established a web portal called sobanukirwa.rw aimed to facilitate online requests of access to information and we are planning to carry out capacity building of information officers and community sensitization on access to information as a leverage right, carrying out open contract and hospital performance monitoring.
Our focus in the near future is advocacy to the government to join the OGP, advocacy on the ratification of the African charter on the values and principles of public administration as well as reporting on the status of implementation of the ATI law and its accompanying guidelines. We are focusing on advocacy for an independent access to information commission in Rwanda headed by an independent commission with binding powers.