Historical Background of ODESUDI : Profile

To this effect ODESUDI ensures:
-  Accessibility – Rwandan citizens will must be aware of ATI laws and how such laws can be of use to them;
-  Information and support – even if people know about the laws, they will require assistance in using them;
-  Implementation – the laws creates substantial burdens on institutions both in the public and private sector to develop policies and procedures as well as to produce systems to effectively support the laws;
-  Effectiveness – monitoring the implementation and use of the laws is essential in order to refine and improve them.

Use access to information as a tool to promote other rights and carry out regular independent civil society social audits;

-  Citizens must be informed about the importance of ATI and how they can take advantage of laws to enjoy other social and economic rights

Advocate for adherence to fundamental principles of production, storage, management, dissemination and use of statistical information in Rwanda, in the region and continent.

-  Institutions must ensure proper storage and management of data in order access to information to be successful.

- Use access to information as a tool to Monitor and advise the government on the bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and debt/loan management;

-  Use access to information as a tool to carry out analysis on major challenges regarding bilateral and multilateral agreements in order to adopt adequate strategies for specific actions;
-  Develop an effective national, regional and international partnership;
-  Use access to information as a tool to advocate for enhancement philanthropy and corporate social responsibility and social protection programs for the benefit of the very poor Rwandans;