Historical Background of ODESUDI : Profile

ODESUDI is a Rwandan NGO created in 2012. We focus on access to information to promote open and accountable governance through advocacy, research, capacity building, awareness and strategic litigation: Our values are equity, integrity, transparency, inclusiveness and participation and courage of conviction. We are people-centered organization based both on our own cumulative experience, values and conviction in advancing Access to information. ODESUDI creates and holds a strategic niche as an NGO championing access to information agenda in Rwanda. We support communities, CSOs and media organizations to use access to information to hold government institutions to account. We carry out independent audits of public services and public contracts. Our engagements and work amplify the voices of the Rwandan Citizens and partners, enhances accountability and transparency in public service. The changes we are able to collectively bring benefit communities, CSOs, media and private sector, thus scaling up the impact of our work. The way we think and act, and our distinctive competencies are particularly shaped by our uncompromised courage and conviction that access to information is undeniable right to every citizen irrespective of their, economic, political and social status.