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Open Democracy & Sustainable Development Initiative (ODESUDI) is Rwandan NGO that was founded in 2012. The founding members recognized that there was a strong need to promote access to information in Rwanda as a mechanism to advance good governance and open democracy. ODESUDI has been at the forefront in advocacy for the enactment of access to information Laws in Rwanda. Its founder members were greatly involved in the elaboration of the African access to information modal Law and security guidelines on access to information spear headed by the Open Justice Initiatives part of open society foundations and South African Center for Human Rights in Pretoria.

We promote access to information through: facilitating requesters of information, capacity building, awareness campaigns, research and advocacy and strategic litigation on behalf of information requesters.

ODESUDI has established a web-based system www.sobanukirwa.rw that is used by the Rwandan public and stakeholders including Civil Society Organizations and media in ensuring effective promotion and protection of the Right of Access to Information in Rwanda, premised on the provisions of the ATI Law and the accompanying ATI Guidelines as enshrined in the Ministerial Orders.

We are also currently working on simplifying both the provisions of the ATI Law and the accompanying Ministerial Orders, so as to make the content of both documents, easily understandable by all citizens, including by those with no legal background or who have no formal education at all. This borne out of our understanding that this law is meant for all citizens, irrespective of their literacy level and economic and social status, we are also aware of the challenges and frustration of exercising access to information rights and that’s why we take it as our primary responsibility to help the Rwandan public at each level of exercising their access to information rights. Should you have a problem related to compliance with your information request please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you. Your access to information rights is our concern.